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最高に美味しい! @Raisu

Raisu is my favorite Japanese restaurant in Vancouver, their cuisines are so unique that you possibly wouldn’t be able to find another place for replacement once you’ve given a try. You simply get addicted!! As a Japanese-food lover, I’ve been to Japan for more than 10 times. This restaurant, however, still have caught my attention because it is truly owned by some Japanese. What’s more, they offer Vegan Bento for daily lunch and dinner!

We went there for lunch during weekends and ordered three things from their menu; which are (from top to bottom) souffle cheesecake, vegan bento, and yuzu parfait respectively. The above portions are perfect for two to share, but remember to make reservations if you want to try the bento! The booking has to be confirmed 24hr in advance by phone.

Original soufflé cheesecake: The cake is soft and fluffy, not heavy at all; the fresh fruit sauce added some acidity to it, which is a plus.

THE ZEN BENTO – $26.00
Traditional Japanese Vegan Cuisine – Shojin Ryori (accompanied by rice and miso soup): Tasted divine, not oily but very flavorful; the tastes of all 9 dishes truly differ from each other.

Original yuzu gelato, yuzu rare cheesecake sponge cake, yuzu cream on top: Very refreshing and not too sweet, full of layers; therefore undoubtedly satisfying.

The menu for today’s vegan box, so many details in each small palette!

Seasonal vegetables are used and you can easily notice the chef’s effort to maximize the aesthetic beauty of the bento.

This is an amazing dining experience, can’t wait to revisit and try some of their other desserts (and probably another version of vegan bento)!

It’s a pity that we didn’t have much time to chat with the staff, but most of them are Japanese so you’ll genuinely feel that you’re in Japan. So good.

Rating: 9.5/10

Location: 2340 West 4th Ave. Vancouver, BC V6K 1P1 

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