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A bowl of 暖暮拉麵 please! @Ramen Danbo

The reason I would like to try Ramen Danbo, ridiculously, has nothing to do with ramen (despite knowing that it’s one of the hottest ramen spots in town). Instead, it’s the name “Danbo” (暖暮) that sounds captivating to me. I can read Japanese kanji so I know that “暖” means “warmth”; while “暮” means “dawn”, what a poetic name it is!

Ramen Danbo offers Fukuoka-styled ramen, while Fukuoka is known for being the home of tonkotsu (pork bone)-based ramen.

Wait… then what about the vegetarians? What a surprise, they offer vegan versions for ALL their ramen types! There are four flavors in total, which includes “Classic”, “Shio”, “Miso” and “Negi-goma”. And during our visit, we ordered “Classic” and “Miso”. You can also customize your bowl of noodles, such as in terms of noodle thickness; noodle firmness and thickness of broth. We had chosen thin noodles for both ramens.

The texture of their ramen is good, quite chewy and not heavy; the soup is flavorful with very strong miso flavor (mine’s miso). Also, the elimination of pork comes with replacement of tofu, which is nice for me as I like tofu! However, the proportion of their noodles is slightly little compare with usual ramen bowls so you may expect to pay for extra portions if you want to have a genuinely full meal. Otherwise, you could consider going somewhere nearby for desserts!

To conclude, it’s a nice experience and I’m happy that they offer more than one option for vegetarians/vegans.

Ratings: 8/10

Location: 1333 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1C6

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