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Assorted Mini Melon Pan Box? YES! @ef and be Bakehouse

Melon Pan メロンパン is a classic type of sweet bun originated from Japan. I grew up eating quite a lot of melon buns back in Hong Kong but I never had some that were as fine as those from “ef and be Bakehouse”. Maybe it’s because the buns from this shop are produced by an authentic Japanese!

The Japanese sweet bread actually has nothing to do with melon, they are named “melon-pans” because they’re made to look like melons; with the iconic cookie crust topping.

The bakehouse runs mainly on a pick up/delivery basis, they also do pop-ups in cafes during weekends, eaters can easily order their pans (which means bread in Japanese!) from their website.

Since I really wanted to try more flavors with my very limited quota for calories, I ordered their assorted mini melon pan box that includes a mini size of 6 small buns, all with different tastes. And I absolutely loved all of them, the bread was so fresh, the crusts were crispy and rich in each of its respective flavors. My top favorites are the Matcha Pan (the green one) and Kinako Pan (the golden tanned one), as I’m originally a huge fan of matcha and kinako hahaha).

The shop currently only delivers to Vancouver, Burnaby, New West, Port Moody & Coquitlam, with a delivery fee of $5. But for orders more than $50, they would offer free delivery!

This box of sweet treat had definitely made my day and I’m sure that every person with slightly a sweet tooth or favoritism towards baking goods would love them.

Assorted Mini Melon Pan Box - 6 pcs

CAD $14.00

Matcha x 1- Original x 1- Kinako x 1- Chocolate x 1- Lemon Poppy Seed x 1- Black Sesame x 1

Ratings: 9.5/10


Pick-Up Location: A6 – 5279 Still Creek Ave, Burnaby, BC, V5C 5V1, Canada

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