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It feels like home. @Elephant Garden Creamery

If I could only choose one dessert to consume for the rest of my life, I’m quite sure that my choice would be “ICEEE CREAMMM”. Even the weather in Vancouver is getting a lot cooler recently, my crave for ice cream still never ceases. And I’m so happy to announce that I’ve found the best ice-cream place (for me) in the city so far: Elephant Garden Creamery.

Located in Commercial Drive, the ice cream shop is accessible to customers around the city and the place is comfortable with quite a number of tables and chairs. The biggest charm of this shop is the unique ice cream flavors, (which are mostly Asian inspired I’d say), such as Thai Iced-Tea, Salted Gula Melaka, HK Milk Tea, and Lemon Yuzu Butter. All these just sound flawless to me as a typical Asian.

Moreover, the shop allows customers to have 3 samples before making their final choice; if you’re an indecisive eater (aka. me), this place will be perfect for you too. So, what I got during my visit was a single scoop of “Mango Coconut Sticky Rice (v)” in a waffle cone; while my friend had her “HK Milk Tea”, also in a waffle cone. By the way, their waffle cones are all vegan, that’s another good point which deserves our compliment!

Left: Mango Coconut Sticky Rice (vegan)
Right: HK Milk Tea (vegetarian)


“Mango Coconut Sticky Rice” is a classic Thai dessert that I love so much since childhood, even I’ve never been to Thailand. Different versions of the dessert can be easily found in Hong Kong, my hometown; and I’m so amazed by the scrumptiousness of my ice cream because it tastes EXACTLY LIKE THE REAL THING, THE AUTHENTIC MANGO COCONUT STICKY RICE! It got the appropriate balance of sweetness that came from the coconut milk, chewiness from the sticky rice, with some small bites of mango blended. Not joking, I felt like my day was totally brightened up by that ice cream cone. Furthermore, since my pick was a vegan pick, the whole thing that I had swallowed was vegan!

I’ll definitely recommend this ice cream spot to every dessert lover and I couldn’t wait to revisit again for other creative flavors.

p.s. had a spoonful of my friend’s HK Milk Tea thing as well. And as a Hongkonger, I have to say it tasted 200% like the milk teas I’ve had in HK and it simply reminded me of home. Highly recommended for tea lovers.

Rating: 9/10

Location: 2080 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4B2

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