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Korean-Japanese Fusion, heaven!@Green Leaf Cafe

Japanese and Korean food are my two all-time-favorite Asian cuisines. Green Leaf Cafe is a Japanese and Korean fusion restaurant serving dishes that incorporate tastes from a variety of cultures, it’s exactly my perfect choice. The restaurant itself isn’t a purely vegetarian/vegan place, but they have quite a number of vegetarian choices for vegetarian diners to choose from, you can easily have meals with tofu; veggies; or eggs here, and my dining experience there is simply fantastic.

Since it’s my first visit to the restaurant, my approach is to try some of their signature dishes (which also sound the most appealing to me); including their quality aburi-oshis and good looking omelette rice. We also had a salad-pasta, which tastes so good too. Aburi-oshi is a kind of Osaka style pressed sushi, so it’s in a rectangular shape. Our choice today is “Crispy Yam and Avocado Oshi”, the crispiness of yam and creaminess of avocado matches perfectly and the sweet soy paste on top simply tops it off. While for their signature omelette rice, the egg is so rich and soft that it coats the rice very nicely; the garlic flakes just added a bit more layer to the dish and the curry is tasty. Last but not least, the salad-pasta is definitely a surprise, the greens are very fresh and the pasta underneath is linguine and is super yummy as well, they’re using kind of a citrus sauce to mix the two things together and it’s simply refreshing.

[Yam fritter, avocado, sweet soy glaze]

[Fresh greens, oriental dressing]

[Sweet & savory dem glaze, garlic flakes, tomato, chili]

Rating: 9/10

Location: 9604 Cameron St, Burnaby, BC V3J 1M2

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