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Let’s meet!@MeeT in Gastown

It’s not hard to discover that lots of Vancouver Canadians are huge fans of burgers since you can always spot burger places around the city.

MeeT Restaurants is one of those places where you can easily grab various kinds of plant-based burgers, their shops are mostly located in city-centers so it’s really convenient for diners to randomly pay a visit; such as “MeeT on Main” and “MeeT in Yaletown”. But for this first trial, I chose to visit the one in Gastown.

We ordered one “The Main” Burger from their “A Handful” burger menu and one “The Big Yum” from their “A Bowlful” brown rice bowl menu.

“The Main” is a house-smoked burger patty placed on a kaiser bun, with mayo and pickles; while “The Big Yum” includes toppings like roasted yams, kale, beets, etc. (Too much that it’s actually hard to mention all!) accompanied by a brown rice base. The patty was flavourful and soft, while the bun was a bit chewy, the whole thing actually tasted like a real meaty burger. For the bowl, we were so surprised by how the roasted yams tasted like foie gras so much, seasoning was good. The only thing I want to pick on is that their food was slightly too oily for me. However, I’m satisfied with their willingness to accomodate with customers’ personal tastes, When I asked whether I could change my fries to salad coz I’m not a fan, they did it for me without hesitation.

Rating: 7/10

Location: 12 Water St, Vancouver, BC

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