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There’s a lot of stuff in my Pitaaa@Chickpea

Though my time in Vancouver is short, I still have a strong feeling that Chickpea is one of the most commonly known vegan restaurants in the city. I had actually tried Chickpea’s food from their food truck not long ago, but it was the first time that I actually visited their restaurant, so I was quite excited.

The reason I was having dinner in Chickpea is that it was my housemate’s birthday and she’s a vegetarian. As you can see from the snap on the right, most of us had ordered Pitas so I believe these shall be highly recommended for newcomers. The restaurant also serves a variety of cocktails, but I’m not a fan of alcohol so…I haven’t tried any. The portion of the Pita is quite generous and is surely enough to make you feel full; most of us find it difficult to eat by bare hands, you simply have to pour out stuff from the Pita to a plate and use forks and knives to eat.

So, here’s another picture that shows my weighty Pita.

SABICH (GF) Pita $10.5
[Sabich: fried eggplant, warm yams, & warm chickpeas; Pita: fresh pita along with organic hummus, fresh vegetables tossed in olive oil lemon dressing, some spicy schug sauce and pickles]

The whole thing is quite tasty in general, you can easily have a mouthful of different textures and flavors. However, I feel like there are too many chickpeas and it gets boring after eating 30-40% of the Pita. Also, the sauce all goes down to the bottom of the Pita, which makes part of the bread too soggy and salty. The fried eggplants are also a bit too greasy for me, I didn’t feel very comfortable eating that as a typical weight-conscious girl.

Rating: 7.5/10

Location: 4298 Main Street
Vancouver, BC. V5V 3P9

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