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Why not both? @Cartems Donuts

I’ve heard that Canada is a vegetarian-friendly country long before I came to Vancouver, and after spending a few weeks here, I can now confirm that it’s definitely true.

Cartems Donuts is one of the eateries which serves donuts that cater to everyone’s needs. Apart from the general types of donuts (which are usually vegetarian), they’ve got baked vegan and gluten-free donuts as well. And I was so excited to have found out that one of their two branches is located only a few steps away from the SFU downtown campus.

How could I not grab one before my very first lecture here in Vancouver?!

To put it simply, first-day-of-school-me was wavering between ordinary and vegan earl grey donuts after an hour transit that morning. I had chosen the vegan one after asking for the difference and paid for one.

But!!! It turned out the staff gave me both so that I could try and enjoy all two. The two donuts had diametrically different textures, the normal one was chewier while the vegan one was more like cakery. Both of them tasted heavenly (I guess this what we called “best of both worlds”), and they weren’t oversweet.

Left: Vegan Earl Grey
Right: Earl Grey

This food-hunting experience had definitely brightened up my day and I’ve already become a huge fan of Cartem’s donuts, for their high-quality donuts and friendliness.

Rating: 8/10

Location: 534 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC 

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