Thoughts on transmedia integration.

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Umhmm…transmedia integration, interesting!

Transmedia integration is definitely an important step for website creators to further expand and promote their websites. So, this week I’m going to think about how could I plan to incorporate more transmedia integration into my online publication.

Since my website is about food-hunting and sharing, I will surely plan to focus on channels that enable a wide spread of pictures/videos, and those that allow users to interact easily. The initial ones that pop up in my mind are Instagram and Pinterest, these two are those I consume most aesthetically appealing pictures and posts. I also watch a lot of foodie vlogs from YouTube, so YouTube would be a great choice too!

To talk about the implementation of transmedia integration more pragmatically, take Instagram as an example, I would like to have the images of my blog posts immediately inserted from IG accounts; which means when readers click into the image of my post, they will be immediately directed to my IG account or the restaurant’s IG account. Of course, they could check the location by IG’s map function too. (though I’m not sure if this would somehow violate copyrights if the pictures are from the food places, so I reckon it would be better to communicate with the shops at first hand).

Also, I would like to develop a YouTube channel for my website with videos (aka vlogs) about food tours to the places I’ve introduced in my blogs, but these would take quite a lot of time and energy! But the good thing is, it’ll surely be fun. It’s very difficult for a video channel to attract the first group of viewers so I guess the best strategy for me if I do this is to spread my videos through my family members and friends during the early stage and pray for some good results!

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