Changes to at least one design element.

Process Post.

Not sure if it’s the problem of my browser or what, I couldn’t find the second peer review about my site. However, I had still made changes to the design of my website after reading feedbacks from Stephanie from the sfu canvas.

By using widgets, WordPress has enabled me to include my profile picture on my homepage, but I didn’t realize that the picture was automatically taken from my Gmail account and the image was compressed to a file with very low resolution, ending up making my page distracting and somehow weird.

Therefore, I had re-uploaded a new profile picture that was chosen from my own photo gallery and I adjusted it to the appropriate size (square). Moreover, I added my own social media links (Facebook and Instagram) underneath my picture too, with my name and a one-to-two sentence self-intro. I’m glad that my homepage now looks much more natural and tidier after the changes.

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