Peer Review 2: KG Photography

“KG’s Photography” is definitely a nice work to analyze since I could feel a huge sense of uniqueness once I entered the link from my browser. The main subject of Keveren’s website isn’t merely photography, but soccer photography. I think it’s a really good starting point for design by having such a specific theme so that even in terms of visual design. The designer wouldn’t lose focus easily.

Design is a really broad subject and there are tons of details to talk about. So, I will commence by reviewing the theme and customization design here. Keveren made use of a photography-centric theme that gives out a mature vibe, which means there are a number of professionally edited photos being displayed once entering the website. I would say that it’s quite a modern theme, the quality of photos (with high resolutions) from the topped slideshows and the classic black-and-white background colors helped generated this feeling. I’m not sure whether any ‘theme and customizations’ presets are used but I reckon Keveren hasn’t relied much on them since he properly kept the customizations simple and things looked self-arranged, only with crucial options/functions, such as the menu bar, search functions, and linkage to other social media platforms.

In terms of typography, the font “Helvetica” has been chosen for both primary and secondary type fonts. “Helvetica” isn’t an expressive or artistic kind of font so it appears to be quite emotionless and neutral visually, and I think it’s an appropriate choice for a photography website since we dare not let the fonts and words steal the spotlight of the photos. Moreover, the font size of blog titles and contents are comfortable to read; but I personally think that the font size of the title “KG Photography” could be bigger and placed on the top point of the website, it may also be interesting to try to have another more special font only for the name of the website.

The layout of the website is generally fine and in the right direction. The first impression that the website offered me was positive as I was quite sure that the website would be focusing on photography when the large photo (that is apparently taken by a professional DSLR camera) came into sight. Also, I could immediately confirm that it’s about sports photography when
the slideshow showed the second photography work which is also about soccer. I don’t even need to read the about page or scroll down to acknowledge the main theme of Keveren’s website, this is definitely a great thing. Another plus of Keveren’s layout is that he had made his own logo, with the same black-and-white color with the background color, the logo looked consistent in the page. Logos mat­ter much since the pattern’s become its own trade­mark[1]. Just that I wasn’t sure what the mountain-like illustrations mean, but the circle-shaped logo did look like a camera lens.

As aforementioned, the social media function is included in Keveren’s website. So there’s an effort in social media integration, there’s an Instagram account and Twitter account for KG’s Photography too and I think it’s definitely great since these two platforms are unquestionably some of the most used social media platforms among internet users and are always used for highlighting photos.

The site structure is closely stuck to the requirements of our course; blog posts, posiel, about page etc. can be easily found on the menu bar. The homepage showed some photography highlights and recent posts of the
website, it’s quite a common approach and is not too complicated.

Furthermore, the usability of the website is quite high. Firstly, the “search function” is included; users can easily locate what they are looking for. Secondly, a not-mandatory “Photos” category is included in the menu bar as well; so website visitors can easily know where to directly look for if they only want to appreciate the pictures. What’s more, Keveren always add a number of tags that are related to his blog or photos under his posts, this helps a lot in recognizing the main idea of the content as well.

All in all, KG’s Photography is quite a developed and personalized website, I’m looking forward to seeing more photography work of KG in the near future. 

Link to website: keverenguillou.com

[1] https://louderthanten.com/coax/design-machines


  1. Gertz, Travis. 2015. “Design Machines. How to survive in the digital Apocalypse.” July 2015. Available from: https://louderthanten.com/articles/story/design-machines

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