Peer review 3: Foodie From Van

Before kicking off my third review, I must first say that I’m already feeling slightly excited because my assigned peer, Steve, his website is also about food! Foodies are usually the best people in the world, right? Anyways, Steve’s blog: Foodie From Van, as clearly stated by the name itself; explores quality food in Vancouver. That’s the first thing that I appreciate as a new reader: I clearly know what kind of website I’m visiting as the name of the blog, embedded with the keywords “foodie” (food lover) and “van” (Vancouver); is so simple but precise.

I believe that I should also be included in the intended audience group of Steve’s website since the targeted audiences would not stay away from gastronomes who take huge pleasure in eating. In particular, these audiences would want to browse Steve’s website since they would like to ensure that the food they’re having is delicate; or at least, there should be a balance between quality and price. I would define the intended readers as “passionate about food”, and most importantly, “fastidious to the choice of his/her food”. Therefore, Steve’s website marketability should be focusing on the needs of this type of diners (aka. readers); and I think he has so far done a great job in achieving this marketability goal.

For instance, Steve’s website has quite regular updates (on food blogs) to keep his website in an active mode, readers could consume new information from time to time. In October, two food blogs are published. Moreover, the context of his food blog is quite diversified; which could enhance users’ experience, thus the marketability of the blog. Steve’s approach is to not pay mere attention to the exquisiteness of the food, he also spends time to introduce the background and aesthetics of the food places he recommends. Moreover, he provides personal ratings on taste; texture and flavor of food, which are useful for readers to compare the values of different cuisines he has included.

In terms of design, I would say that the design of Steve’s blog is neat and not so fancy, which is actually good. At his homepage, a large banner is positioned at the front bar, which is a high-resolution image of a japanese-style rice burger. The aesthetic of the image has successfully aroused my interest to eat already. What’s more, I really like the punchline (kinda like a slogan) of Steve’s website: “Eat every meal like its the last”. As a reader, I could feel how Steve genuinely loves food and would like to share his personal favorites with his audiences. This saying has also disclosed his attitude towards eating and I believe it helps the audience group to know him more. The only minor flaw I would point out is that it should be “it’s the last” instead of “its the last”, I guess. Furthermore, readers could ask and request (On Advertising) on each of Steve’s food blogs and even leave their own emails/ names, etc. for further contact, which is another plus.

To sump up, Steve’s blog is nice to see and read; and it would be even better if he could develop more linkages for his blog through channels such as Instagram or Twitter in the near future.

Link to Steve’s blog: https://foodiefromvan.com


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