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I’ve never realized that Analytics (Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.) is such a reliable and valuable tool for building an audience. Before setting up this website, my idea for Analytics was that “it’s only useful for really large corporations or professional scholars”, something like that. But now, I know that even we are just tiny, tiny content creators, analytics could help us to know how our readers behave on our websites and can greatly with the development and transformation of the best content. Everything is simply tracked, in detail. For instance, I could see exactly which city my readers are located when they visit my website and I could know what time (e.g. whether daytime/nighttime) they are clicking in. Therefore, I could adjust my posting time and adopt the most appropriate engagement strategies. Of course, every coin has two sides, for my readers, it could be kind of worrying if they know that every single step of them are recorded clearly. But, I guess this is absolutely unavoidable in the Internet era and it would be better for us to capitalize on it. (especially for me, as the website manager and creator!)

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