What audience have you been imagining thus far? How has that imagined audience informed your design and editorial decisions?

Process post.

As a vegetarian food blog, obviously the audience I’ve been imagining this far is people who love to eat; or interested in eating vegetarian cuisines. If I have to describe my targeted audiences by some terms, then it could be sayings like “healthy-eating”; “environmentally-friendly” and “having passion for quality food”. I expect them to be positive thinkers and people who are from younger age groups since vegetarianism is most likely growing rapidly among new generations.

The imagined audience informed my design and editorial decisions in several ways. For instance, I would use a more vibrant and refreshing set of background colors/images that remind people of positivity and varieties (for food). The colors also carry resemblance of colorful veggies. Moreover, I would highlight the effort of the eateries in promoting vegetarianism or making vegetarian cuisines as exquisite as non-vegetarian ones.

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